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Master cheng, Yutian, the famous Chinese calligrapher and seal designer, prompt
his inscription for Haiwen Investment and Haiweu Liquor Trading Market.

Innovation and Pioneering  Fairness and Honesty Dedication and Sharing

Enterprise culture represents what an enterprise believes and pursuits and it serves as a promoter to its development. It communicates the enterprise’s philosophy, directs its developing, and constitutes the core of its rules and regulations. Due to people’s leading role in enterprise cultural construction, all staff is expected to contribute to our enterprise culture: management board should set good examples and act out their excellent ideals to lay the foundation of enterprise culture, while all employees should embody the culture by putting it into constant practices. The enterprise culture, approved by the board and the chairman, is taking effects and will be perfected as the enterprise grows.

Innovation and Pioneering—means we should be sensitive and adaptable to development trends of the society, economy, politics, and culture, unrelenting in promoting our services and comprehensive abilities, pioneering in creating products that fits needs of the society, economy, politics and market, and practical in pursuing goals with scientific and differential methods.

We should never be blind to the trends of society, politics, culture and market, sluggish in correcting mistakes, unrealistic in innovating and producing, and damaging interests of the society, companies, customers, suppliers, stockholders, staff, etc.


Fairness and Honesty—means we should operate with fairness, openness, reasonableness, and legitimacy, accountable to the society, customers, suppliers, stockholders, colleagues and ourselves, and responsible for our promises, practices, and results. Customers, suppliers, stockholders, and employees should avoid doing business with their relatives or intimates, and anyone who maintains secret abnormal relationships in the enterprise should be punished.

We should avoid unjust, unfair, unopened, unreadable, and illegitimate activities; and refuse to take improper means in competition, to select suppliers not fit for the service, to evaluate employees not in terms of their loyalty, contribution, virtue and competence, to cheat society, customers, suppliers, stockholders and colleagues, to disclose business secrets, and to harm company images and interests.


Dedication and Sharing—means we should care about interests of the society, customers, service providers, the enterprise and colleagues, devote to our jobs, abide by professional ethics, spare no efforts for the enterprise’s development, hold together to achieve common goals, build a legitimate and efficient platform to share resources, services, information, knowledge and achievements with the society, customers, service providers, the enterprise and colleagues, and fulfill the common wish of “Happy Together”.

We should never ignore interests of society, customers, service providers, the enterprise and colleagues, and employ irresponsible and unprofessional people who are indifferent to the enterprise’s problems and development, unwilling to share, and seeking private interests at the expanse of our common wish of “Happy Together”.

Approver: Wang Rutian    Date: April 23, 2009